Saturday, March 24, 2012

Top blogs

Two of our Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches pastors are writing quality stuff. Others may be, too, but these two are well worth following.

Science and the Gospel is an intriguing series in which Chris Little, pastor of Albury Bible Fellowship, is considering how faith in Christ transforms our view of science, through the lens of Two Ways To Live. His blog has lots of other great articles, too, on quite a variety of subjects.

Dave McDonald is another FIEC pastor, who is writing about his experiences as he undergoes chemotherapy for “inoperable” lung cancer It is not gloomy, but can be both confronting and compelling. Dave is currently on leave from Canberra's Crossroads Christian Church.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Outstanding resource

Getting more deeply into your Bible is an outstanding series of articles by Geoffrey Grogan, a Bible scholar who died recently. His son John is progressively releasing these articles which really do live up to the claim of helping you to get more deeply into the Bible. Highly recommended.