Friday, December 24, 2010

The Seven Deadly Sins

Our senior minister, Rodney Macready, has been running an occasional series on The Seven Deadly Sins, between other series on Bible books.

It is an interesting subject to consider. There are several attempts to make light of these sins in various places on the internet: I don't think I'd be wise to direct you to those sites!

One of the rather flippant sites does feature an interesting list of Mahatma Gandhi's own personal list of traits he believed to be most spiritually perilous to humanity:
* Wealth without Work
* Pleasure without Conscience
* Science without Humanity
* Knowledge without Character
* Politics without Principle
* Commerce without Morality
* Worship without Sacrifice

The current article in Wikipedia is worth reading, as are the articles at All About God.

This short article defines the standard list of sins as it has come down to us through society and literature, and then cites the passage in Proverbs chapter 6 about the seven things the Bible says that God hates.

There is also a more in depth article which gives some historical background and a description of what the Bible means by sin and what God has done in Christ to take away our sin.

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