Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Keeping it in the family

Three blogs I keep returning to are inter-related, because they are blogs of Trevor Cairney and his daughters Nicole Starling and Louise Blencowe.

Louise is married to Jon, who is the Christian Educator for Bathurst and Kelso High schools. In Life with Beals Louise tells us about their 3 year old daughter Evelyne's rare medical condition, and shares the experiences of others around the world also living with Beals.

In 168 hours Nicole writes about her efforts to work out how to glorify God in everyday life, 168 hours of the week. There are tips about Christian living and lots of great book reviews at her site. That's where I found out about The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and subsequently read it three times and gave out 11 copies (and loaned out my copy. Hint, hint)

At church I have noticed that Jon and Louise's children, Evelyne and Sam, have caught the reading bug. If you want to know where they got it from, you can find out by exploring their grandad's Literacy, Families and Learning blog.

It is always a great source of tips about new children's books, which make a wonderful Christmas gift.

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