Sunday, April 8, 2012

Top Ten Myths About The Resurrection

Did the resurrection of Jesus really happen? This should be a question that everyone and especially every Christian, should ponder.

Is it true? If it isn't, Christianity is meaningless because this teaching is the lynchpin of the whole story.

Mike Licona has made ten little videos in which he dispells some of the myths that people believe about the resurrection.

If you are really sharp, you might notice that the link is to another site pointing to the site where these ten videos are stored. This is because the hosting site doesn't seem to have a handy index to the videos!

These are the topics that Dr Licona discusses in his series of ten videos:
Myth 1: Contradictions in the Gospels
Myth 2: Pagan Parallels in the Mystery Religions
Myth 3: The Fraud Theory
Myth 4: Hallucinations
Myth 5: It's a Matter of Faith
Myth 6: Apparent Death Theory
Myth 7: It Was Merely Legend
Myth 8: Science Proves that Resurrections Cannot Occur
Myth 9: Not Enough Evidence
Myth 10: Lost Gospels

You will notice that each video gives some information quickly and then focusses on a set of DVDs on the topic. I have not yet seen the longer program, but if it is as good as the tasters, it should be terrific.

I'm convinced that Jesus really did rise from the dead and is alive today. I'm also convinced that the resurrection is by far the most logical explanation of the data we have concerning Jesus Christ.

What about you?

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