Monday, January 3, 2011

More About The Seven Deadly Sins

Someone asked me whether our pastor is speaking about The Seven Deadly Sins so that we can try them all out! I think he is aware that we are all sinners and don't have to be encouraged to experiment.

In a previous post, I shared some links to helpful articles about the historical background to these sins.

Do you prefer to listen to a talk, read the manuscript or do both? Our pastor, Rodney Macready, gives you the choice on our Current Series page.

He has a sense of humour, as can be seen from the two topics he spoke on, immediately after Christmas: gluttony and sloth. This might not make as much sense to our northern friends, but in Australia, after Christmas in a hot country, it is hard to be enthusiastic about work. And we do enjoy our food.

Pastor Macready points out that feasting and celebrating are not wrong in his talk on gluttony and in his talk on sloth, he tells us that there is a place for rest.
I particularly enjoyed the talk on sloth, which reminds us that busyness in the wrong things can be just as slothful as doing nothing at all.

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